Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DMS as Quality Management System

Document Management Systems, an earlier article from Maxis IT's DMS started off with a discussion wherein the entire life cycle of paper-based or electronic documents can be managed to a maximum accuracy without any stop gaps in a smoother and efficient manner in an Enterprise's Document management system.

Lets further proceed a step ahead in moving the discussion towards the scenarios of integrating and implementing the document management systems accordingly as far as an enterprise' s or customer's requirement are considered. More addition to these, lets walk through the processes of handling and working around the scenarios of making use of a Document Management system as a Quality Management System.

A Document Management System when integrated with other systems of an enterprise, like a quality management system, evolves itself to be effective enterprise level solution towards the requirements of handling and processing the documents across various departments of an organization and always keeping the point of focus of having these documents as per the quality policies or standards.

All set of documents that are to be maintained within a common document management system of an enterprise need to adhere to the quality compliance standards of product or processes for which the documents are related to, so as to make this documents in accordance with quality management.

It is designed in a way so as to handle the scenarios, at which any enterprise's management plans to take forward its main activities that are more likely related to a service or a product of an enterprise and all its activities related to designing, development, implementation, maintainance are required to be processed following the standards of quality.

Considerably working at these particular scenarios, document management systems processed across all the activities of the overall management principles ensures that the objectives and responsibilities of quality are followed into practice.

Over an other edge , a quality management system when integrated with document management system gives an overall solution for managing an enterprise's documents with respect to quality, documents and content.

In order to make it more likely to be useful in lines of maintaining the quality documents and handle the processes of an enterprise, this system can be made more effective by having it implemented as a web based system. Surely get connected with ur research desk for more insight in this processes at a later articles.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Web based DMS...

Making the document management system available through web helps to maximize the enterprises capability to take care of its customers in terms of providing with a safe and secure accessing of the information through this Web based program. One need to ensure that the qualified documents have to be in accordance with the security guidelines.
Web document management services assists enterprises in storing its data, records , files and many more and keeping in track of this information by accessing it anytime when needed.

Despite of the information storage in terms of documents , whether it is for an enterprise's documents store or for its clients documents storage, making accessible of the documents via web is an appropriate choice for the convenience and quick processing of documents.
An enterprise need to setup its Document Management System with a streamlined process in accordance to time and cost. Ease of processes like quick addition of documents to the system through uploads, file transfer, copying , for any file format is an added advantage.

Monitoring the processes of the system while its being used and also tracking the usage of the system in lines of its authenticated users, user privileges helps for the successful implementation of the Web based document management system.
Please stay tuned for more indepth discussions in this arena...from our research desk

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Managing Documents Intelligently...

Organizations often focus over the key factor of its data and its storage systems in terms of its security, maintainability, quality and also quantity. Many other factors are also considered when the scenarios of these storage systems are taken into account in real practices. What might be the data, a raw as-is data from a clients kick-off- discussion or the data taken from the centralized content for the organizations key successes, it has to be maintained.

Periodical records for the storage of the data in any organization might not be a primary focus for the intended users, but the safety and security of the data is the main out most requirements in any industry. Here comes a logistic that for any point of time from its origin of storage, data has to be maintained and stored in way that it is flexible to retrieve as and when demanded.

Lets focus more into documents , more in those lines which often include management of those same documents, point of their storage, migration of the documents from one storage media to another, versioning, metadata, security, as well as indexing and retrieval capabilities.

The systems are of prime importance today and are required so as to provide a simple and efficient way to input, retrieve, manage versions, collaborate, track and retain all of the unstructured data that doesn’t already exist in an Enterprise Applications in an intelligent way.

This process of efficiently managing the entire lifecycle of paper-based or electronic documents can be achieved to highest accuracy without any hassles in Document management systems.

A Document management system can be integrated with other systems in order to make it work for various management techniques for Quality Management, enterprise quality management, Web based content management, Intelligence Centralized Repository and more as per the demands of the organizations needs.

A question may rise in a discussion that what factors justify the effectiveness of the functioning, maintainability of the Document management system. Lets move a step ahead in those lines, and also have an insight of the effectiveness of Web based Document management systems, in the later article.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

MaxisIT Document Management Services

MaxisIT provides Document Management Services team provides a highly secure and customizable software system for tracking and storing of documents and also the images of documents. MaxisIT basically has good expertise in providing cost effective and high performance Document Management Service.

The steps involved in MaxisIT Document Management Services is Creating a document through scanning or copying the content, there by ensuring proper and reliable storage with a focus of retrieving a document at any given time. The final step of the document involves publishing or printing of the document and is ensured that it is maintained for future reference.
MaxisIT has expertise in providing Document Management Services based on open source technologies mainly Xinco and Alfresco. MaxisIT believes these technologies are highly powerful and ensures smooth functioning.
The services in detail are as follows:
Document Copying
MaxisIT Document Management Services team has good exposure to duplicate the document to have it as a standby without actually effecting the actual document. This ensures the original document is intact.
Document Scanning
MaxisIT Document Management Services team is well equipped with the scanning technologies for the perfect format of the existing original document. MaxisIT over the years have equipped the latest technicalities in this area and has improved its portfolio in this arena
Document Storing
MaxisIT Document Management Services team has a good expertise interms of document storage mechanism. The mechanism is apt and is suitable for the present day needs with ease. MaxisIT also has advanced search option for the stored documents.
Document Retrieving
MaxisIT Document Retrieving mechanism is well integrated to Document storage which ensures perfect retrival of documents in no time. This mechanism also provides with advanced search options to the user to retrieve the data with ease.
Document Printing
MaxisIT Document Printing is mainly used for printing of the most important data and have the back ups as an efficient disaster recovery option.