Thursday, April 9, 2009

MaxisIT Document Management Services

MaxisIT provides Document Management Services team provides a highly secure and customizable software system for tracking and storing of documents and also the images of documents. MaxisIT basically has good expertise in providing cost effective and high performance Document Management Service.

The steps involved in MaxisIT Document Management Services is Creating a document through scanning or copying the content, there by ensuring proper and reliable storage with a focus of retrieving a document at any given time. The final step of the document involves publishing or printing of the document and is ensured that it is maintained for future reference.
MaxisIT has expertise in providing Document Management Services based on open source technologies mainly Xinco and Alfresco. MaxisIT believes these technologies are highly powerful and ensures smooth functioning.
The services in detail are as follows:
Document Copying
MaxisIT Document Management Services team has good exposure to duplicate the document to have it as a standby without actually effecting the actual document. This ensures the original document is intact.
Document Scanning
MaxisIT Document Management Services team is well equipped with the scanning technologies for the perfect format of the existing original document. MaxisIT over the years have equipped the latest technicalities in this area and has improved its portfolio in this arena
Document Storing
MaxisIT Document Management Services team has a good expertise interms of document storage mechanism. The mechanism is apt and is suitable for the present day needs with ease. MaxisIT also has advanced search option for the stored documents.
Document Retrieving
MaxisIT Document Retrieving mechanism is well integrated to Document storage which ensures perfect retrival of documents in no time. This mechanism also provides with advanced search options to the user to retrieve the data with ease.
Document Printing
MaxisIT Document Printing is mainly used for printing of the most important data and have the back ups as an efficient disaster recovery option.