Wednesday, May 5, 2010

DMS as Quality Management System

Document Management Systems, an earlier article from Maxis IT's DMS started off with a discussion wherein the entire life cycle of paper-based or electronic documents can be managed to a maximum accuracy without any stop gaps in a smoother and efficient manner in an Enterprise's Document management system.

Lets further proceed a step ahead in moving the discussion towards the scenarios of integrating and implementing the document management systems accordingly as far as an enterprise' s or customer's requirement are considered. More addition to these, lets walk through the processes of handling and working around the scenarios of making use of a Document Management system as a Quality Management System.

A Document Management System when integrated with other systems of an enterprise, like a quality management system, evolves itself to be effective enterprise level solution towards the requirements of handling and processing the documents across various departments of an organization and always keeping the point of focus of having these documents as per the quality policies or standards.

All set of documents that are to be maintained within a common document management system of an enterprise need to adhere to the quality compliance standards of product or processes for which the documents are related to, so as to make this documents in accordance with quality management.

It is designed in a way so as to handle the scenarios, at which any enterprise's management plans to take forward its main activities that are more likely related to a service or a product of an enterprise and all its activities related to designing, development, implementation, maintainance are required to be processed following the standards of quality.

Considerably working at these particular scenarios, document management systems processed across all the activities of the overall management principles ensures that the objectives and responsibilities of quality are followed into practice.

Over an other edge , a quality management system when integrated with document management system gives an overall solution for managing an enterprise's documents with respect to quality, documents and content.

In order to make it more likely to be useful in lines of maintaining the quality documents and handle the processes of an enterprise, this system can be made more effective by having it implemented as a web based system. Surely get connected with ur research desk for more insight in this processes at a later articles.

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